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Product of the necessary evil

In a spectacle hung up in fragments,
White and black mix
Frolicking with the grey, a third party
Gnaws at sweet, sweet chaos
That is the deeply ingrained necessary evil

Paradox of supply and demand
Is a deeply ingrained necessary evil
As if lies are converting into truth

Seems such a reality is only a bit pathetic
And exciting

Stealth spills them like milk:
Dainty truths,
And a slight scent of risk
And if you mix them up, you get fading distrust

Seems such a reality is only a bit pathetic
You shut your eyelids to look through another’s eyes and yet were still able to laugh
As you see, this is the way things are

Under Buddha’s protection,
Arguments discharged as trickling droplets
This eve, too, are exhausted in despair
Carried by a half-crazed rhythm,
If those arguments discharged as trickling droplets
Can’t recover
They’ll keep degrading,
Like ignorant children

Before anyone noticed, we’ve got devious morals
If paradise looking a lot like hell
Devoured all taboos rid of restrictions,
Would earth turn into heaven?

Product of the necessary evil…
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