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Go down 

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: DRIPPING INSANITY   Rugsėjis 1st 2012, 05:01


Loneliness drenched in red laughs
in silently dripping insanity
Impure eyes that forget to sleep
can’t even see tomorrow

Ideals swimming on the surface
are starting to sink bellow

Where are you looking with such a sad face?
The memories that won’t reach you
and were torn apart one by one
are red on the white walls

Your body temperature is being washed away
You keep staring (at me), forgetting to blink
The faint feeling of loss lingers
You didn’t have any doubts

It seems like you are going to forget
Even the pain and tears you have endured

Why are you looking at me with such a sad face?
I reach out my hand to you
The memories that were torn apart one by one
start to flow without a destination

Was I wrong?
Don’t watch me with sorrowful eyes
Teach it…
Where is the truth?

Let me hear your heart
I was alone and so
it was fine even if it was just lies

Be considerate of the weak me
who didn’t try to see anything

Your frozen face is cold
You are not even searching for a breath
I was supposed to be used to loneliness
so why are these tears falling?
I’m not smiling in the memories
that are disappearing one by one

Just like this
You and I will stay in solitude
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