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 Tokyo Shinjuu

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Virgo Horse
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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Tokyo Shinjuu   Sausis 1st 2008, 20:44

Tokyo Shinjuu (東京心中) [In The Heart of Tokyo]

「Father, Mother. I have gone to live with that person in Tokyo.
I know full well that it's a foolish decision.
But I'm no longer a child.
I can think on my own.
I'm sorry. Please forgive this last act of selfishness...」

The person I love is my everything now.
It's because of your existence that I'm able to live as myself.
That day, I received from you,
a ticket to Tokyo
and a confession.
In my future and dreams,
「When we get out of this town, won't you live in Tokyo with me?」
While I was a bit confused I was also overjoyed.
There wasn't the least bit of insecurity or worry.
Because the person I loved asked if we could be together.
Even though tough or disheartening instances would probably more or less arise.
I came, throwing away the family I depended on.
My foolish presumptions and lingering were all
for the sake of the new life and dream that I would share with you.
Poverty spread to our bodies,
however because you were there,
even the time I spent waiting for your return was one overflowing with happiness.
I cooked the dishes you loved, worked my heart into them.
I want to see your delighted face as soon as possible... I yearn to see it.

「I have grown used to the life in Tokyo.
That person works hard and late into the night everyday.
Maybe it's because of that, I feel that he doesn't seem very energetic recently.
Even when I ask, all he does is show me a tired smile.
He won't give me an answer. I'm helpless in my worries.」

「I'm back.」

Your voice is so gentle.
The both of us have always been supporting each other during tough times
No matter what sort of unhappiness came about,
it was alright as long as we were together.
It's not that the love has become cold,
it's just that our feelings have been looking and facing away from each other.
The first time you cried
was the night you were torn in society
How can my voice connect with you...please tell me how.
The family which I lost up for the sake of our dream
was facing the front, just crying regretfully.
Poverty has hit us
We take each other's hand
as we watch the off-season sparklers.
This fire falls, its lingering presence has passed away
Closing our eyes, we face the arctic-cold ocean... the both of us together.
Our linked hands were unseparable.
You and I became nothing.

「The thirteen months I spent with you.
A lot has happened hasn't it?
We lived together so I can know that well.
You're tired from working too hard aren't you?
It's alright now because I will always be with you.
I'm sorry Father, Mother.
I can't live without this person.
I'm sorry for making the both of you worry.
Sorry. Sorry...」

The Art Of Drowning.
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Pisces Rooster
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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Tokyo Shinjuu   Spalis 30th 2008, 17:30

Nezinau kodel, bet man sita daina sukelia
kazkokias paslaptingas emocijas. 😟
Bet pati daina man labai patinka. :victory1:
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Virgo Dog
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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Re: Tokyo Shinjuu   Liepa 12th 2009, 14:13

Šitos dainos žodžiai man tiesiog žiauriai patinka... Kartais būna lyrics'ų, kur žodžiai gražūs ir pan., bet tu jų nejauti.... Oo čia... Tokyo Shinjuu žodžiai man atrodo tokie savi, kad net man pačiai sunku tuo patikėt... Vos išgirdus šitą dainą - įsimylėjau, o paskaičiusi žodžius tik dar labiau :inlove:
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Tokyo Shinjuu
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