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Sumire (菫) [Violet]

I worried about the meaning of the "I'm sorry"

In the note left behind

The ringing of the phone pains me

I'm sure it's about THAT.

I'm just running from the truth

I know, a coward right.

I think of you, and before I know it,

I'm running off.

The good times still live on, even now, in my heart

'cause I can start over with you,

Like back when I first began to walk...

The falling rain, was colder the more I headed towards you

You died right before my eyes

A 'husk' that gave no response.

The silence just pained me so.

Your smile, your tears, your voice

Your body, your body, your me,

I can never see you again.

The good times live on forever in my heart

In my memory you show me that cheerful smile

When I met you in a dream,

You were as much a cry baby as you always were

I wished I'd never wake up

I softly wished,

That you wouldn't go away

I softly wished

That you wouldn't go away

I softly wished...

The Art Of Drowning.
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