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Virgo Horse
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It is cheesed with power and the morality of which it goes mad.

A lot of people became dogs, having tied to the chain.

You're happy there?

I want to be enjoying the life though it will knock against a high wall hereafter

I'm already dead, however I was saved with the Rock.

I swore it at that time ? I will walk life that shines highest.

There is no fear. It gets it over though there is a painful day, too.

Now lets go. The wing expands and goes to look for freedom and the glory.

The world that extends to the place waits surely for you.

Shall we dance? Real Cinderella with the flawed glass martin.

Hey God! Are you ready?!

Please, sing [BODIES] for me.

I will tell you the top tonight.

Increasing the distortion.

Please, echo tonight.

You can do anything to me.

Please throw the sweet [Fuck n Roll] rather than

The mad night [DO LUCK]

The Art Of Drowning.
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