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 Shunsetsu no Koro

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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Shunsetsu no Koro   Sausis 1st 2008, 20:28

Shunsetsu no Koro (春雪の頃) [Time of the spring-snow]

It's still a bit cold here, isn't it and you're hiding your face inside the scarf

Next to me you shiver a bit and we're talking about memories and the future

Somehow it passed by, certainly so that I remembered three years

(But) now that importance, in this ephemeral I notice and the loneliness

The thoughts of you, they swing to you and you've hidden the (unverbundenen) hands

The way on a hill which I had to get used to walk on also soon becomes far and...

You looked back and laughed I, too was making fun and tried to imitate (you)

(It's) repeating the smooth air at the back near me always

I open the album and dive into the day which doesn't come and I wish that

So strongly I was wishing (begging)

On the first page of my memory it's too lonely so that my heart was crying

More than ever (always) a bit longer I tried to see and reach your back

I watched enough on the way back, too after that it was already a bit(,)wasn’t it

The thoughts of you, they swing to you and once again these thoughts...don't reach you and

If I couldn't the not-being of the fog in the clumsiness they are passing by the bluely days

The whole time, the whole time unchanged and the whole time since it's also good like it is...

At least you don't forget and one fragment of my memory is also sad

The flowers of the spring-snow are blooming and March the day of the farewell

The lots of "Good-Bye" don't disappear they become memory

The thoughts of you, they swing to you and, I walked with you on this way

I loved you straight from the heart that what I couldn't bring up

The whole time, the whole time the thing that doesn't change like not-being and I understand

Each time I remember my heart inside is longing for it

If I open the album there...

Just one photo of the school-leaving qualification under the trees in their full bloom covered by the spring-snow

You and me like this on the bluely day overflowed by an unfaced smiling face

The Art Of Drowning.
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Shunsetsu no Koro
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