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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Nausea & Shudder   Sausis 1st 2008, 19:52

Nausea & Shudder

So long, beyond the light

So long, to the nameless liberty

So long, swallow the fear

So long, jump higher than the others

Tear off the holy wing, jump, bursting eyes

Even if HEAVEN is covered with mud, it becomes a paradise if we live in it.

Carry on the daily life with gold plating coming off the shoulders and gathering the monotonous howls.

Although the wound is deep, keep on going. Yes, the REALITIES in front of your eyes are everything.

So long, break the darkness

So long, to the nameless liberty

So long, swallow the fear

So long, shaking heartbeat

LOOP, ask myself LOOP hate myself

At the end of this "LOOP" of suffering, I“ll be looking at HEAVEN`S DOOR.

A bird which belongs to a flock to the west will eventually feel loneliness

Looking at the thin wing you say: "Is this everything you desired?"

The view which everyone saw is worse than the end of the world getting dark

And I deeply prayed to a vanishing candle.

In deep, slowly sky.

You can stay there if you are afraid of the unknown future.

That“s what the forgotten "Nameless Liberty" used to say.

Now light is poured here, swearing not to escape from the unsettled future.

The Art Of Drowning.
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Nausea & Shudder
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