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 Namaatatakai Ame to Zaratsuita Jounetsu

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Namaatatakai Ame to Zaratsuita Jounetsu (生暖かい雨とざらついた情熱) [Warm And Rough Passion]

I cannot forget the photograph which fell down as if it collapsed.

While I was waiting for you I rubbed my staggering legs. You must not forgive me.

I hear a sound in the rain, it stopped in front of me.

Only you, only you.

I don“t want to have any secrets.

I want you to understand me. Only once.

Please pretend as if you don“t see the lie as the last resort and hug me.

Ah, you can make me whatever you want, if your hand doesn“t tell a lie.

?Take and run away with me" with the knife in the pocket.

I sing to the rain, which still does not stop. Something sticks on a shirt and it doesn“t vanish.

Please, rain, wash off a rusty, stinky crime soon.

Darlyn…, now the jealousy around you was taken away,

am I the only one who sinks into your heart?

When I met you, you didn“t use an umbrella and

Were looking at me short of breath,

I was so happy, only for that.

Then I waited that moment without any words.

We hugged, listening to a waltz of asphalt and rain.

I want to evade the almost spilling weakness and

To be devoted to the sweet kiss with you.

Your delicate hand sare filled with kind passion.

A promise in the past is left and I wave to a red siren.

Farewell, my forever lover, Farewell to leaving you.

I believe you, you are my rough tongue as the last.

If it rains the next time we meet, I will share an umbrella with you.

The Art Of Drowning.
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Namaatatakai Ame to Zaratsuita Jounetsu
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