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Kare uta (枯詩) [A Perishing Poem]

A poem in my heart was inane, i couldn't look for a meaning

When I look back, nothing was left there

The poem was like a flower, which fades away in time

A perishing poem that never strikes the heart

I seek a backway and bear away

I must know it then, what does this heart break?

How much will the sound remaining in my ears ring the heart?

Nothing has changed since then

And I can face forwards. Something isn't right, it it?

You went farther and I could not reach you

You would be lonely, too

What do I want? I was confused

When I realized, you had already flown away

I realized me powerless and looked back,

Then there was a dried myself

When I feel deeply sad

A sincere poem like spilling tears

And when I feel too happy to say something

A poem like a smile, I wish I could sing these songs

A trembling is terrible and still continues

When i pant and stop

It is same as the time when there was nothing

I don't want to go back to the cold days

I have been dreaming in a dream

a step and the another step

we support, smile together

cry and get hurt

let's walk together on a same color dream

the time when i felt too tough

a person supported my weakness. I want to tell him

I can only say awkwardly

I want to stay here until the dead voice ends

The Art Of Drowning.
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Kare uta
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