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Go down 
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Pareigos: Aoi teisiu gyneja! XD
Išskirtinis Bruožas: Melting when see Aoi, especially when he sings Momiji Manjuu ^_^
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RašytiTemos pavadinimas: Mayakashi   Lapkritis 28th 2009, 12:42

Sometimes I'm so hollow that my skin gets torn My throat feels rough
I am opening my eyes and take in that glamour so that I can slowly break apart

My doubts should have been untied ...
This dreariness that doesn't want to ask any questions
I am only embracing meaninglessness

The cherry blossoms that have forgotten their color are dancing  They are not yet changing smoothly
It is not like I wanted anything  so that I can forget

Because I knew of the betrayal
You made me stare at it until I slept
At this deep lie

I am only playing the helpless  Conceit  is turning around [3]
I couldn't even see the reaching hand
The kisses were made in deception and the wounds were forgiven
When I noticed it, again there was no one here ...

In the downpouring tranquility I am not hoping for answers or the like
When this momentary escape ends I will pretend to now know anything

Only by laughing the blurred distance is
Too sad
At the times I stand in your way this narrow distance is
Too gentle and cold

Like the petals that are changing their color
If the time comes, please remember
Like the withering falling petals
Even if the time comes, please don't forget

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