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Virgo Horse
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Chizuru (千鶴) [Thousand Cranes]

In your letter there are only words I cannot read

I want to meet you hear it from your mouth

Weak with white which I can't get used to Just a sigh echoes

Though I'd be saved if I only knew the color of the sky

I want to someday forget even the deep struggling breaths

When even the strength of wishing so seems shriveled up

If I sing "Downcast Tomorrow" The sleep that comes after the thorn

The Restraint my body was bound by

Even the mind seems to sleep

The heat that touched my cheeks is very nostalgically sweet

The shadow I saw in a dim loophole A warm-colored dream

My eyes in which your impression is left

even when the day I lose sight of you comes

You are burned into these eyes.

You do not take me with you

To the days with you and the sunlight filtering through the trees

The oozing white wavers

It feels like I'll even forget words

Where do my tears flow away to

Call my name

Hold me till I crumble

I'm afraid to lose anything else

Where are you singing about me

Even if I listen hard, what echoes is my uneasy heartbeat

I can't recall the warmth that was left on my cheek

What I saw in the dim loophole Was a cold-colored reality1

I nestle up to

Your small wishes of a thousand cranes

Without returning the smile, just

In the last memory of counting my breaths...

I hear your voice

In the morning where everything was lost

"Two would could not be one"

The Art Of Drowning.
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Pisces Rooster
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Vienas graziausiu the GazettE kuriniu.
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